Clarkston & Utica students learned about Japanese ‘Girls’ Day’

JBSD ADmin Grants

JBSD Foundation grant awardees, Japanese language teachers from Clarkston and Utica, Michigan, Ms. Valtadoros and Ms. Sullivan gave us their activity report!

“I am sending JBSD Foundation pictures of the field trip that Erin Sullivan and I took to the Saginaw Tea House. We took our Japanese students who were able to attend on a Saturday.  JBSD grant has been a huge help to be able to show our students a part of Japan, that we can’t bring into the classroom as authentically as this as the field trip.  The best part was the students learned about the traditional tea ceremony and were able to try some Japanese sweets.

We want to thank you for your continued support!!”  

-Faye Valtadoros
-Erin Sullivan