Dear Japan Business Society of Detroit Foundation

JBSD ADmin Scholarships

Thank you so much for the scholarship I received. Thanks to that scholarship I had the opportunity to not only learn more about Japan, but also spend more time living there. The experiences I had living in Japan will never be forgotten, and I cherish them every day. Thanks to my time in Japan I now know what I want to do with my future, and strive for it every day. Thank you for allowing me the chance to live in Japan and study there.
The summer semester I took was really an insightful experience. Taking the “Teaching English in Japan” course helped me to decide on changing to a minor in TESOL, and to strive to become a teacher in Japan after graduation. The course showed me how to go about teaching to ESL students in a much more effective way. I had a chance to see how some Japanese students are taught English, and I have to say it was kind of disappointing. With that being the
case, taking this class and future classes should prove to be helpful in my career choice. I will always keep pushing myself to become a teacher that will help my student’s futures become brighter. So thank you for the scholarship that brought about a desire to teach
and help other out in Japan. Any help I receive is always greatly appreciated, especially when the help leads me to a chance at making a change in career goals, as well as allowing me to spend more time in the country that I love so much.
Thank you,
Matthew Murphy

JCMU Program: Teaching English in Japan (2015)
Home Institution: Eastern Michigan University