Greeting from JBSD Foundation


Hiroaki Yamasaki

President, JBSD Foundation

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the JBSD Foundation, I would like to thank you for your ongoing dedication, which enables the Foundation to implement important programs, and achieve its mission: to enhance mutual understanding and friendship between Michigan and Japan through continuous support of the activities of educational institutions and other non-profit organizations.

The JBSD Foundation was established in 1992 as the philanthropic arm of the JBSD, in order to promote increased contributions to the local community in which hundreds of Japanese companies operate as corporate citizens. We’re proud that the major source of funding for contributions is based on the generosity of the more than 1,425 JBSD members.

The JBSD Foundation supports its mission with two major activities:

1. Education
We support the study abroad program of both the Japan Center of Michigan Universities, and Youth for Understanding by providing scholarships to university and high school students who have the desire to learn in Japan. Since the JBSD Foundation introduced its program in 1998, more than 200 students have had the life-changing experience of study in Japan.

2. Grants
Our second major program provides grants to support the community programs of sister cities and non-profit organizations, including public schools and state universities, which also contribute to developing friendships between Michigan and Japan. Each year the JBSD Foundation awards approximately 55 grants to worthy organizations located around Michigan. Since the program was established in 1992 some $1.9 million in grants has been awarded.

None of the Foundation’s activities would be possible without the support of JBSD members and friends. I sincerely thank all of you who for your generosity and understanding of the importance of strengthening the ties of friendship between Michigan and Japan. Finally, I am thankful for every JBSD Foundation Board Member who gives their valuable time in performing the Mission of the Foundation.

JBSD基金理事長 山﨑 洋明