Dear Japan Business Society of Detroit Foundation leaders,

JBSD ADmin Grants

I’m writing this to thank you for the $500 financial aid that you provided to me to help me through the JCMU program. I was honored to know that I was selected as one of the recipient
of your scholarship. I don’t think my experience in Japan would be so rich and colorful if I hadn’t received the scholarship.
My name is Yuyan Duan, an international student in the University of Michigan. I double major in International studies on the health care track and psychology, which means the classes that JCMU provided—one healthcare class and one culture class, have been really helpful and informative to my major and my future career plan. I don’t think I could afford all the program fees and expenses in Japan without the provided scholarship.

I’m very glad to tell you that your generous aid was not wasted. Before I came to Japan, I never would have imagined how much I could learn from JCMU program and enjoy the journey. Not only did I widen my horizon through Japanese health care and culture classes, but I was also given the chance to experience the Japanese culture closely by visiting its major cities. Through the experiences of trying to get around in a new different country, including making
travel plans, communicating and making friends with local people and dealing with the unexpected situations, my confidence also went up. The two months in Japan has really been the most memorable experience to me.
By giving me the CCHP scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden which allowed me to concentrate on school and
enjoy my time better in the program. I’ve heard that there were also a few students in the program who also accepted the CCHP
scholarship and their financial burdened got assuaged by your donation too. I am truly grateful for your kind deed and I hope
I can pay it back by helping other students in the future.
Yuyan Duan

JCMU Program: Health & Culture of Japan (2015)
Home Institution: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor